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Our Proven Process To
Grow Your Private Practice

Our process has been proven to grow psychologist, psychiatrist, and therapist private practices. Continue reading below to learn how you can experience the same success our clients are having.

1. Audit, Research, and Strategy

The first step in our process is auditing your practice, your local competitors, and the ways patients are finding services like the ones you offer in your city. This includes:

  • Analyzing your website and the ways patients are currently finding your practice on search engines
  • Looking at how your top competitors are getting patients on search engines
  • Discussing the services you offer, conditions you treat, and other key information to create a robust marketing strategy
  • Researching opportunities, or keywords, that your patients are searching for
  • Developing a strategy that acts as a roadmap for building a new website or fixing your current website, as well as a plan for the next 12 to 24 months
  • Making recommendations for your website, the words (copywriting) needed on your pages, and strategy

Why it's Important: An audit is an essential process to gauge where you stand, where your competitors stand, what your patients care about, and how to turn it all into a tangible strategy to grow your practice. Your audit is charged separately as a stand-alone project, starting at $1500.00.

Timeframe to Complete: 3 to 4+ weeks (depending on size)

psychologist therapist psychiatrist research and audit

psychologist therapist psychiatrist web design2

2. Building Your Strategic Website

The next step in our process is to follow the recommendations from our audit in building you an amazing new website or updating your current website. This is a crucial step in setting up a lead generating strategy. This includes

  • Build a new website or edit your current website. For many clients, this involves creating a website with new pages they didn't previously have
  • Copywriting: We offer copywriting services in addition to our website builds, or we work with therapists so that they can write their own copy. Most new clients need 10,000+ new words written for their strategy
  • Setting up Google products and lead tracking. We will set up Google analytics, goals, Google search console, and Google tag manager. This will allow us to properly track key information for your strategy

Why it's Important: Your website is the core of all of your marketing strategies. If you don't build the right foundation, marketing will not be successful. SEO will not be successful until this step is done correctly.

Average Timeframe to Complete: ~3 to 4+ months (depending on size)

3. Getting Clients

The final step in our process is a monthly process called SEO, or search engine optimization. We recommend at least 12 months of service, but many clients continue with us for years because of the ongoing growth they receive. This includes:

  • 1 monthly blog with 750 words and picture(s) targeting a topic your clients care about (the number of blogs depends on the plan chosen).
  • Set up of Google My Business if you don't have one already
  • Set up of Google Analytics, Search Console, Tag Manager, and Goal Tracking
  • Map listing optimization - We perform activities to get your practice ranked on Google My Business
  • Search listing optimization - We perform activities to get your practice ranked highly for different search queries your clients are making on Google
  • Off page optimization - We perform activities that tell search engines your website is credible, therefore allowing your practice to rank higher for search terms your clients are searching for

Why it's Important: SEO is a critical 12+ month process that increases the ways potential clients find your practice and also positions your practice to be seen above your competitors' practices.

Timeframe to Complete: 12+ months

psychologist therapist psychiatrist private practice growth

Make an Investment into your practice's Future:
Find the Perfect Plan for Growing Your Private Practice

Time is money. Don't waste it trying out marketing strategies that don't work. We continually improve our process and know what it takes to grow mental health practices. Don't worry about your technology, let us manage it for you. Each plan below is custom built for your unique practice.

Solo-Practitioner Plan

$5,500.00 Then $1000 p/ month
  • No monthly contracts
    This plan is perfect for solo practitioners looking for steady big growth long-term. A great option for new practices.
  • 10 Page Website
  • HIPAA Compliant Website Forms - $50 per month
  • Website Copywriting - $225 per page
  • SEO Service Monthly
  • Local SEO for 1 Location - + $150 per add'l per Month
  • 1 - 750+ Word Blog per Month
  • Website Maintenance Monthly
  • 1 Hour of Website Changes per Month
  • Quarterly Campaign Updates

Breakthrough Plan

$8,250.00 Then $1450.00 p/ month
  • No monthly contracts
    This plan is perfect for practices with one or more practitioners looking for steady breakthrough growth long-term.
  • 30 Page Website
  • HIPAA Compliant Website Forms - $50 per month
  • Website Copywriting - $225 per page
  • SEO Service Monthly
  • Local SEO for 1 Location - + $150 per add'l per Month
  • 2 - 750+ Word Blogs per Month
  • Website Maintenance Monthly
  • 2 Hours of Website Changes per Month
  • Quarterly Campaign Updates

Multi-Practitioner Plan

$12,000 Then $1950 p/ month
  • No monthly contracts
    This plan is perfect for practices with multiple practitioners or 2+ locations looking for steady breakthrough growth long-term.
  • 50 Page Website
  • HIPAA Compliant Website Forms - $50 per month
  • Website Copywriting - $225 per page
  • SEO service Monthly
  • Local SEO for 2 Locations- + $150 per add'l per Month
  • 4 - 750+ Word Blogs per Month
  • Website Maintenance Monthly
  • 3 Hours of Website Changes per Month
  • Quarterly Campaign Updates

Do you need branding help too?

If you need help building a brand that not only looks beautiful but speaks warmth, love, and acceptance to your future patients, we can help! Learn about our branding package below, a perfect compliment to our website and marketing strategies above.

Branding Package Add-on

$3,500.00 Paid at start of project
  • Implementation time: 1 to 2 Months
    This branding add-on is perfect for private practices and treatment centers who need help with their visual identity
  • Brand strategy
  • Custom logo design
  • Color scheme
  • Typography
  • Home page mock-up
  • Graphic / imagery recommendations for website
  • Social media cover images
  • Brand guidelines PDF created
  • 3 hours of revisions
  • Need more help? We can provide you with a custom quote on any additional need you may have with your branding project

The results in this case study are measured during a 12 month period after 6 months of building a strategy and new website, with ~3 month break between the website strategy and SEO strategy.

After Amy’s website was built, she started a 12 month SEO campaign. Amy’s strategy targeted two main areas: Google Search listings and Google Map listings. In 12 months, Amy now ranks for over 1000 keywords on Google – Important keywords like “eating disorder psychologist”, “therapist miami”, “psychologist miami”, “psychologist near me”, and many more of Miami’s most competitive keywords. Amy’s previous site generated very little organic search traffic, she saw a huge jump of local searchers visiting her website. Amy generated 203 new patient phones calls and 137 new patients submitted a form on her website. In total, 340 quality, local leads were generated in Amy’s 12 month SEO campaign (These organic campaigns will continue yielding leads for many months and years for Amy’s business). Amy continues to use our SEO services as we’ve only scratched the surface of potential!

“BartX are true professionals and a pleasure to work with. They have really helped my business grow and I am definitely seeing results. Anthony Bart, the owner, is a great guy and he knows his stuff!” – Amy Boyers

What You Can Expect from Us

While we can never guarantee results, we are highly confident we can grow your practice and get you new patients. Here's what you can expect from working with us:

  • We will be upfront and honest in our approach
  • Your practice will be professionally positioned both visually and strategically
  • Your private practice will get new patients. See above results from an actual client
  • Your SEO strategy will continue reaping benefits after working with us. Unlike social media and advertising, our strategies are built to position your practice long-term

How Our Star Clients Operate

We love working with mental health professionals! We've found our most successful clients follow these principles:

  • Charge at least $150.00 per hour for sessions
  • Provide materials to us in a timely manner we agree on
  • Pay our monthly service(s) on time at the beginning of each month
  • Provide high quality services to your patients. The best marketing can't fix a broken practice. Like other products and services, clients research reviews and ratings before contacting mental health professionals.


FAQ About Our Process

Here are a few questions we've received over the years from our mental health professional clients about our process:

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