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How?  Our private practice PPC advertising management services were designed to grow your practice by listing your practice and services on the top of Google search and Google map results. Learn about our mental health PPC advertising plans:

In today’s digital landscape, your website is typically the first interaction your customers have with your business. But how do they find your website? Search engine searches generate 51% of traffic to websites according to Search Engine Journal, while only 5% of website traffic is generated by social media. Here are some statistics that show why PPC advertising is so important:

  • 51% of all website traffic comes from search engines, with almost ¾ coming from Google
  • 92% of searchers will pick businesses on the first page of search results
  • 70% of customers visit a business or make a purchase on information they found online

PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising is a strategy used by many therapists to get patients quickly. While we recommend that you invest in a SEO strategy, a PPC management strategy can bring in patients while SEO works it's magic. With PPC, you pay to appear for important keywords to your business. A PPC campaign can be extremely effective because you only pay for when people click on your ads.

We typically recommend that private practices implement a PPC strategy when they need leads quickly or when keywords are extremely competitive and are in the process of trying to rank for them through SEO.

What is PPC Advertising?

PPC ads, or Pay-per-click ads, are paid ads that appear at the top of search results above the organic results. Previously, these ads were made to look like organic listings, but now they have a little tag that says “ad” to let users know that these are paid listings.

PPC ads work by the advertiser creating text ads with links to their important web page. Next, the advertiser selects important “keywords” or “key phrases” that they’d like their ads to show up for. During this process, the advertiser will need place a “bid” for placement they’d like to appear on.

Pricing differs dramatically depending on the industry. One of the major benefits of PPC advertising is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ads. If your PPC ad strategy is built well, the right people will click on your ads. One of the most amazing features of PPC ads is that these users clicking on your ad will have the intent, or desire to purchase your product or services.

For example, let’s say that you’re a psychologist and you’d like to advertise in Charlotte. You could target people that type in “best psychologist in charlotte”. You could also target the query “psychologist near me” and set GEO-parameters to only serve ads a certain distance from your location. Not only is this pretty cool but it’s extremely effective for driving new customers to your business!

Why Should a Therapist Get PPC Management?

There are several reasons why mental health professionals should consider PPC in complimenting their SEO strategy. Let's review a few:

Quality Leads Generated

One of the great benefits of PPC management is that your practice will generate quality leads and patients by people actually searching for your services. This is because Google pay-per-click is intent based, meaning, there's intention behind the searcher's queries. We can help create campaigns for your private practice that target highly intentional potential patients.

Maintain Control

With PPC, we have complete control of your campaign. We can start and stop campaigns quickly after they've been approved by providers like Google.

We can also control how your ad looks, whether it's text, graphics, or video in some cases.

We can also refine our campaigns to reflect what the data tells us is happening. For example, if we build a campaign and we see that no leads are coming in from ads running at 11 pm, we can halt showing your ads at 11 pm. This is all part of the PPC management process: Lowering the cost of your ads and increasing the number of leads and patients generated.

Get Almost Immediate Results

Another huge benefit of PPC management is that results can start almost immediately. Typically, the only caveats to that are how fast Google can approve scheduled ads.

Improvement in Business Knowledge

The data does not lie. You can gain incredibly valuable insights into your product or service positioning by seeing which ads run most effectively. The phrase “knowledge is power” could easily apply to the business knowledge you’ll receive from running PPC ad campaigns.

How Our PPC Management Process Works

Our PPC management services are tailored to your private practice's unique needs. Whatever your goals are, we create a custom strategy for your business. The result are campaigns that drive conversions and traffic to your website. Here is the PPC management process we use:

  • DISCUSS YOUR GOALS – Our team starts by discussing your goals. Because we know that no two mental health professionals are the same, it’s important that we learn your business. We'll discuss your goals, your main services that you offer, and who your target patient is.
  • BUILD A STRATEGY – After gaining insights from our discovery meeting and piecing together any important data, we’ll research important keywords to target.
  • DEVELOPMENT – After we learn about your goals and build a strategy, our team will get to work on creating your campaigns and writing ads. We’ll use A/B testing to find the best performing ads for your campaign.
  • MANAGEMENT – After developing your PPC advertising campaigns, our team will manage your campaigns by reviewing data to make intelligent decisions.
  • IMPROVEMENT – The final step is continually improving your PPC ad campaigns. After we have data, we can make decisions to best optimize your campaigns. This process will lower costs and increase leads.

We are a Top Private Practice PPC Management Company

We work with many different types of mental health professionals and have the results to show we mean business. We would be more than happy to provide you with an honest overview of your therapy practice and how our PPC management strategy, combined with our other services like SEO, can grow, streamline, and protect your private practice. We are your X-factor for increasing bringing you new patients, keeping your practice safe, and reaching your financial goals.

Need some help on PPC advertising? Contact us for a free consultation - We are a top therapist marketing company that works with therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists. we look forward to speaking with you!

The Problem

Growing your private practice can be a struggle for even the most talented practitioner. Many practices rely on word of mouth, which can take years to build and is inconsistent for referrals.

Also, some private practices have discovered the power of internet marketing and are taking away your potential patients. You may ask, "where should my mental health practice spend its marketing budget? Mental Health Marketing and Behavioral Health Marketing can be confusing.

Our Solution

PPC Ad management is a great solution to growing your private practice. But not just any advertising strategy will make the cut. After years of refining our process, we use a proven method to grow our client's private practices.

Learn about our full process for growing private practices like yours, Read about our process here.

Here are a few of our tactics to grow your practice:

FAQ About Our Mental Health Advertising Plans

Here are some common questions our psychologist, psychiatrist, and therapist clients ask us about our advertising plans:

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