Marketing Strategies for Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and Therapists

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How? We've put together some of our top marketing strategies for psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists. Our proven strategies have been tested for years in helping our clients grow.


percent of all consumers go online to find a local business


percent of all online experiences start on a search engine, like Google or Bing


percent of consumers primarily use a company’s website to interact with a business


percent of consumers won’t consider a business without a website 

Join Other Savvy Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and Therapists Growing Their Practice

With the vast competition psychologists and therapists face to get new patients, your private practice needs a comprehensive marketing strategy to get found by patients, find new patients, and retain your current patients.

Having worked with psychologists and therapists, we understand how hard it is to find valuable information for marketing your private practice. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive guide with the very best marketing strategies for psychologists that can take your practice to the next level. This plan can be implemented whether you’re a psychologist with a new practice or a psychologist with a more established practice.

Growing your private practice is one of the hardest things about being an independent psychologist or therapist. Your patients likely won’t need your services forever, so it’s important to have a strategy in place to get a steady stream of new patients.

Here’s the problem for many therapists: Traditional marketing tactics are costly and don’t work anymore. Gone are the days of opening the Yellow Pages to search for a local business.

If you're not getting patients online, your competitors are taking them from you

  • 97% of all consumers go online to find a local business (BrightLocal)
  • 93% of all online experiences start on a search engine (SearchEngineJournal)
  • 63% of consumers primarily use a company’s website to find and engage with businesses (Local Search Association)
  • 30% of consumers won’t consider a business without a website (SearchEngineLand)

But here’s the good news: Through sifting through data for years, we’ve created strategies that actually work to get quality new patients for your practice.

Learn Our Top Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Private Therapy Practice

In this guide, we highlight real strategies we used to grow some of our psychologist, psychiatrist, and therapist clients.

Our “Best Marketing Strategies for Psychologists” whitepaper will provide you with proven marketing ideas to grow your practice. If you’re looking to launch your digital marketing strategy to find new clients, download the above whitepaper to learn how you can grow your practice.

In this whitepaper on the best marketing strategies for psychologists, we will cover the strategies below and how you can execute them:

Optimize Your Google My Business Page

There are two main areas new patients can find your practice. The first area is one of the easiest to set up. It will however, take a considerable amount of time to optimize, but it is well worth the investment. This strategy packs a HUGE punch by allowing your business to be found in Google maps and maps at the top of search.

Build a Professional Website

When you purchased or built your psychology practice, did you invest in the interior of your facility? Of course you did! You invested in a high quality waiting room, and a room that makes your patients feel at ease when they speak with you. First impressions make a big difference.

Your therapist website design is like your interior, and patients WILL absolutely judge it on how it looks and functions. In fact, 75% of people have judged a company’s credibility based on its website design.

In additional to how it looks, your psychologist website will need to make sure it includes the necessary technical enhancements that Google cares about.

Research Your Competitors’ SEO Strategies

You don’t need to recreate the wheel when it comes to starting your SEO strategy. In this section, we are going to review how your psychology practice can create a winning SEO strategy in your local city. For the purpose of this whitepaper, we will reference a free tool that you can use, Google Ads Keyword Planner.

Optimize Your Website for SEO

Building a website that looks good is only part of the battle. Make sure that you’re using a website company that has a thorough understanding of SEO. We run into clients often who have had a website built but once they are ready to start doing SEO, their foundation is not built correctly and not optimized at all. This requires additional time and resources to fix.

Set Up Analytics to Track Leads

One of the most important parts of any website strategy is to be able to track leads. We could have added this to the previous section, but we feel it deserves its own section. One of the simplest ways to track leads is to use Google Analytics, a free tool. Follow the simple formula we include in this whitepaper.

Start a Blog

Starting a blog is required if you’re looking to rise above your competitors. SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. The more keywords you rank for, the more opportunities your clients can find you in your city. In this whitepaper on the best marketing strategies for psychologists, we will discuss some reasons why you need to start blogging.

Get Listed in Relevant Psychologist Directories

In addition to optimizing your Google My Business listing, getting listed in directories is one of the most important things you can do to rank on Google Maps.

Aside from the hundreds (or even thousands) of traditional directories your business could be a part of, we’ve listed more than 30 psychologist directories your practice should join (including our very own therapist directory, TherapyByPro).

Connect with Your Customers on Social Media

Social media can be a fantastic tool to reach your customers and bring a personal touch many other marketing strategies can’t achieve. We’d recommend posting content at least 3 times a week on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Facebook and Twitter will allow you to post links, so posting your blogs is a great way to provide valuable, authentic information to your clients. It will also help your SEO strategies by sending “social signals” when your clientele like and share your posts.

Advertise on Google Ads

While SEO is an amazing marketing strategy to implement, it does take time and a lot of effort to work effectively. We recommend using Google Advertising to compliment your SEO efforts in the near term while you build out your SEO strategies.

Ask Patients for Reviews

While getting found via SEO, Advertising, and Social Media is a big part of our psychologist marketing strategies, having positive reviews is vital to clients choosing your practice. We recommend that you create an internal strategy on your team to ask for reviews from your patients on Google or Yelp to start. It’s important that your clients give your psychology practice 4 and 5 star reviews.

Create an Email Marketing Strategy

An email marketing strategy can be helpful to your business in many ways. According to, over 90% of adults want better email communication from their doctor, and similarly their psychologist. In this best marketing strategies for psychologists whitepaper, you’ll learn 7 email strategies.

In this guide, we walk you through step by step how you can grow your psychology practice with some of the best psychologist marketing strategies out there.

Need Help Executing These Psychologist Marketing Strategies? We are a Top Psychologist Marketing Agency

After reading our “Best Marketing Strategies for Psychologists” whitepaper, you now have a few of our go-to strategies to get new patients for your practice. But, executing your digital marketing strategy is not an easy or quick task. It requires time, consistency, and creativity to execute the necessary pieces to be successful against the other top psychologists in your city.  If you don’t have an experienced digital marketing employee, we’d be thrilled to help you grow your practice. Contact us to learn how we can help!


The Problem

Many psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists we speak to have relied on referrals to grow their business. While referrals are certainly important, they can be very inconsistent and can leave you struggling to gain traction and grow your private practice.

Our Solution

Internet marketing is the solution to growing your private practice. But not just any internet marketing strategy will make the cut. After years of refining our process, we use a proven method to grow our client's private practices. Here are a few of our tactics you'll learn in this whitepaper:

  • Optimizing Google My Business
  • Building a Website Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Creating Content
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Ads
  • Email Marketing Strategies

When Amy first came to us by way of a referral, she did not know what to expect; she had never worked with an internet marketing agency before. Amy is a very successful psychologist, but was building her practice entirely by word of mouth. She wanted to grow her practice for the long-term.

We started the process by showing her how her internet strategy stacked up against her top competitors in her city. We then created a website strategy that would not only look great but that would allow us to build a successful search engine optimization strategy that brought new potential patients to Amy's website.

After Amy’s website was built, she started a 12 month SEO campaign. Amy’s strategy targeted two main areas: Google Search listings and Google Map listings. In 12 months, Amy now ranks for over 1000 keywords on Google – Important keywords like “eating disorder psychologist”, “therapist miami”, “psychologist miami”, “psychologist near me”, and many more of Miami’s most competitive keywords. Amy’s previous site generated very little organic search traffic, she saw a huge jump of local searchers visiting her website. Amy’s Google Maps location was not being found by potential customers previously, but after 12 months of optimization 129 quality local leads brought new opportunities to Amy’s practice. Finally, Google Search yielded 104 quality leads, while previously her website was not generating any leads from Google. In total, 233 quality, local leads were generated in Amy’s 12 month SEO campaign (These organic campaigns will continue yielding leads for many months and years for Amy’s business). Amy continues to use our SEO services as we’ve only scratched the surface of potential!

“BartX are true professionals and a pleasure to work with. They have really helped my business grow and I am definitely seeing results. Anthony Bart, the owner, is a great guy and he knows his stuff!” – Amy Boyers

Marketing for Therapists FAQs

Below are some common questions our psychologist, psychiatrist, and therapist clients ask us about marketing strategies for psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists:

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