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Private Practice Dreams?
Let's Make them Real.

How? We build beautiful web design to get your private practice in Pittsburgh, PA new patients. Invest in a beautiful, strategic web design that will not only look good but help grow your private practice for the long-haul.

In today’s digital landscape, your website is typically the first interaction your patients have with your business. In addition to a visually appealing website design, your therapist website also needs to be responsive (a responsive website adapts to any device or browser your potential customers are using).

While most website companies focus only on how a website design looks, we take it a step further. We prepare your site for ranking on search engines like Google. What separates us from many other therapist website design companies is that we optimize our client’s sites for SEO.

So why invest in our strategic website design services?

  • 88% of online visitors are less likely to return to a website after a bad experience
  • 75% of consumers admit to making judgement on a company's credibility based on that company's website design
  • 61% of website visitors have a higher opinion of a company that has a positive mobile browsing experience
  • 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the layout and content are unattractive

A great private practice website is a requirement if you're trying to build your practice online. Our expert therapist website designers can help you stand out above the pack.


Each therapist website build is different, but we generally follow this process to create a one of a kind build for your private practice:


We start our therapist website design process and strategy by discussing your goals. Because no two therapists are the same, it's important we understand specific services your practices cares most about, as well as what matters most to you.


After we understand your private practice and what you care about, we research the top competitors in your specific city. We do this to view their Google SEO strategies so that we can take the best of what they're doing and make sure it's incorporated into your therapy website.

Next, we research the top search keywords performed by your potential patients in your city. This is a crucial step in making sure our strategy has the correct structure to target these important keywords.


After we have our strategy, we will start the design and development process. Depending on the private practice, we incorporate current brand guidelines or we can help you create an entirely new brand for your practice.


We offer copywriting services to help your pages rank on Google. Writing for Google is an art form, and we have expert SEO writers ready to generate the most targetable, professional copy for your private practice


After we build your site, we thoroughly test it across different browsers and screen sizes. This process is important to make sure that your patients' user experience is seamless.


Once we finish testing your website, it's launch time! We will provide you with all login information and create emails for your new website if needed.


Once our website has been launched, it's time to start our suite of psychologist marketing strategies to take your private practice to the next level.

Benefits of Web Design for your Pittsburgh Private Practice

Here are some reasons why your Pittsburgh private practice should invest in web design:

A Great Website Enhances Credibility

Having an attractive, professional website is crucial to your potential customers perception of you. Our Pittsburgh web design services make your business look great to potential customers.

A Great Website is your Foundation

Whether you are running SEO campaigns, advertising, or building social media campaigns, having a strategically built site that incorporates best UX principles and analytics tracking is vital to campaign success. Our web design services in Pittsburgh will set you up for future success.

A Great Website Distinguishes you from the Competition

Your competitors are looking for ways to get an edge on your business. One way you can turn the tide is to build a more attractive, compelling website than them. Another way is to position your website highly with SEO services.

A Great Website Sets you up for SEO Success

One of the most important web design aspects that is often overlooked, even by many agencies, is SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a major strategy to attract visitors to your website. Without properly building a structure and content strategy that supports SEO best practices, gaining valuable visitors from search engines is extremely difficult.

A dedicated SEO strategy will help your business thrive. But without a proper foundation to build on, SEO is not possible. We highly recommend you work with a web design agency that understands SEO and actively implements best practices into their web designs.

A Great Website Allows you to Track Online Success

Does your current website allow you to track to see what’s working and what’s not? A great website strategy is built with tracking analytics top of mind. Whether you’re a local business, an eCommerce store, or a multinational company, you need to be tracking important events on your website. Tracking these events will guide your internet marketing strategies and help you make educated future decisions based on past data.


Each therapist website design is unique. Some psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists need a new brand created, copywriting, and a website build, while other mental health professionals only need a new website design. We typically estimate a new website build can take anywhere from 2 to 4 months.


  • Our website designs are beautiful and professional
  • Our websites provide your patients with a seamless, safe experience
  • Our websites are 100% owned by you
  • Our websites can be managed by us or by your team
  • Our websites pack a serious Google strategy under the hood - Your practice will be ready to start strategies like SEO, advertising, and other lead gen tactics
  • We are a partner for your private practice - We aren't looking for a quick buck - We develop long-term relationships and are here to grow with your business
  • Our customer service is ready to serve you
  • Our suite of services to run a private practice are all under the same roof - You don't need an army of vendors to manage

TYPES OF Mental Health Professionals WE BUILD WEBSITES FOR in Pittsburgh

  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Therapists
  • Treatment Centers

We are a Top Private Practice Web Design Company in Pittsburgh, PA

We work with many different types of mental health professionals and have the results to show we mean business. We would be more than happy to provide you with an honest overview of your private practice and how our website design, combined with our other services, can grow your private practice. We are your X-factor for bringing you new patients and reaching your financial goals. Contact us to learn how we can help your private practice!

The Problem

Growing your private practice in Pittsburgh can be a struggle for even the most talented practitioner. Many practices rely on word of mouth, which can take years to build and is inconsistent for referrals.

Also, some private practices in Pittsburgh have discovered the power of internet marketing and are taking away your potential patients.

Many web design companies focus only on the aesthetics but don't focus on building you a strategy that helps your practice grow.

Our Solution

Our web design services not only make your practice look its best but is the solution to growing your private practice in Pittsburgh. Our web design strategies will lay the foundation for future marketing strategies. Without a website strategy, your SEO will not be successful. But not just any SEO strategy will make the cut. After years of refining our process, we use a proven method to grow our client's private practices. Here are a few of our tactics to grow your practice in Pittsburgh:

When Amy first came to us by way of a referral, she did not know what to expect; she had never worked with an internet marketing agency before. Amy is a very successful psychologist, but was building her practice entirely by word of mouth. She wanted to grow her practice for the long-term.

We started the process by showing her how her internet strategy stacked up against her top competitors in her city. We then created a website strategy that would not only look great but that would allow us to build a successful search engine optimization strategy that brought new potential patients to Amy's website.

After Amy’s website was built, she started a 24 month SEO campaign. Amy’s strategy targeted two main areas: Google Search listings and Google Map listings. In 24 months, Amy now ranks for over 1600 keywords on Google – Important keywords like “eating disorder psychologist”, “therapist miami”, “psychologist miami”, “psychologist near me”, and many more of Miami’s most competitive keywords. Amy’s previous site generated very little organic search traffic, she saw a huge jump of local searchers visiting her website. Amy’s Google Maps location was not being found by potential customers previously, but after 24 months of optimization 227 quality local leads brought new opportunities to Amy’s practice. Finally, Google Search yielded 302 quality leads, while previously her website was not generating any leads from Google. In total, 529 quality, local leads were generated in Amy’s 24 month SEO campaign (These organic campaigns will continue yielding leads for many months and years for Amy’s business). Amy continues to use our SEO services as we’ve only scratched the surface of potential!

“BartX are true professionals and a pleasure to work with. They have really helped my business grow and I am definitely seeing results. Anthony Bart, the owner, is a great guy and he knows his stuff!” – Amy Boyers

FAQ About Psychologist, Psychiatrist, and Therapist Web Design in Pittsburgh

Below are some common questions our psychologist, psychiatrist, and therapist clients ask us about web design in Pittsburgh, PA

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