Amy Boyers, Ph.D.


A top Miami Psychologist Healing Patients with Eating Disorders

Dr. Amy Boyers is a licensed psychologist and has been in private practice in South Miami since 2001. She provides therapy to adolescents and adults, with a focus on women’s health, eating disorders, anxiety and mood disorders, and behavioral medicine. Dr. Boyers is proud to serve the city of South Miami, Florida.

Dr. Boyers’ love of psychology began when she was a student at the University of Pennsylvania, where she worked as a research assistant for the renowned professor and researcher, Martin E.P. Seligman, Ph.D.  After graduating with honors in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, she was awarded a prestigious U.S. Department of Defense psychological research fellowship at the University of Miami where she completed her Master’s and Doctoral Degree in Clinical Health Psychology. She completed her pre-doctoral internship at the University of Miami Counseling Center where she began to hone her interest in eating disorders.  She also completed two post-doctoral residencies at the University of Miami Department of Psychology as Project Director of an NCI-funded breast cancer study and at the Renfrew Center as a primary therapist in their intensive outpatient program for eating disorders.

Amy has co-authored numerous articles in professional psychology journals and is a frequent speaker on the topics of stress, trauma, and eating disorders.

The Problem

Amy is extremely highly regarded in the eating disorder space, but was not getting enough consistent patients to grow her practice. This is because Amy was relying on word of mouth almost exclusively, but not being found online where patients are searching for services like hers.

The Solution

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Copywriting
  • Search Engine Optimization


Without a strategy, it's impossible to succeed. The strategy started with understanding who Amy is and the unique service offerings and style of treatment she offers.

The next part of the strategy is to understand who Amy's patients are and what they need. This was done by talking with Amy and performing industry keyword research.

Finally, competitor research was performed. We researched the top eating disorder psychologists in the area and nationally. In this step, we found what was working well for Amy's competitors and implimented their strategies into our strategy.


Creating unique content on each page is necessary for building a strategy which allows patients find your private practice. An effective copywriting strategy is well-researched and written in a way that both patients and search engines love.

We built a content strategy for each page and blog that helps further position Amy as the expert she is. Our copywriting also set the stage for our Search Engine Optimization strategy.

Because we wrote for on-page SEO best practices, Amy's patients can now find her website for many different topics that they search for.

search engine optimization

Amy Boyers decided to implement a SEO strategy to stand out from other psychologists in Miami. Amy’s new website was structured from the ground up with search engine optimization top of mind. This allowed Amy’s services and company to be found locally for a number of valuable keywords in Miami.

After implimenting a starter monthly SEO package, Amy’s practice has seen a large increase in organic traffic from Google as well as new leads calling in and sending messages for appointments.

Within only six months, Amy’s SEO strategy propelled her business to being ranked highly for keywords locally and nationally and to new lead generation heights. The content we produced positions Amy as an industry expert and builds trust with her potential clients.

After Amy’s website was built, she started a 24 month SEO campaign. Amy’s strategy targeted two main areas: Google Search listings and Google Map listings. In 24 months, Amy now ranks for over 1600 keywords on Google – Important keywords like “eating disorder psychologist”, “therapist miami”, “psychologist miami”, “psychologist near me”, and many more of Miami’s most competitive keywords. Amy’s previous site generated very little organic search traffic, she saw a huge jump of local searchers visiting her website. Amy’s Google Maps location was not being found by potential customers previously, but after 24 months of optimization 227 quality local leads brought new opportunities to Amy’s practice. Finally, Google Search yielded 302 quality leads, while previously her website was not generating any leads from Google. In total, 529 quality, local leads were generated in Amy’s 24 month SEO campaign (These organic campaigns will continue yielding leads for many months and years for Amy’s business). Amy continues to use our SEO services as we’ve only scratched the surface of potential!

“BartX are true professionals and a pleasure to work with. They have really helped my business grow and I am definitely seeing results. Anthony Bart, the owner, is a great guy and he knows his stuff!” – Amy Boyers

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